More Info on Off-Grid Inverters

We offer a wide variety of off-grid inverters from modified sine wave inverters that are best for simple systems to pure sine wave inverters that necessary for electronics and inductive loads. And we have huge selection of sizes from 100 Watts all the way up to 7000 Watt off-grid inverters.

What's the difference between a modified and pure sine wave off-grid inverter? Read more below or check out the inverter section of our series on going off-grid.


  • Best for simpler systems

  • Typically inexpensive

  • Fine for older TVs, incandescent lights, motors with brushes

  • Generally not good with: electronics, audio, induction motors, rechargeable batteries or digital clocks

Modified sine wave off-grid inverters are a perfect choice if you are putting together a DIY emergency solar kit, or a cabin with modest electrical needs. Any more modern electronic loads like a HD television, or something with a high electrical surge, likely aren’t good choices for modified sine wave inverters.


  • Preferred for off-grid homes or larger solar systems

  • Generally more expensive (but prices continue to fall)

  • Necessary for electronics, florescent lights and dimmers, inductive loads to operate at their best

  • Mandatory for grid-tied systems

Pure sine wave inverters work in nearly all types of off-grid solar systems, depending on the requirements of the system. Generally pure sine wave inverters are used in larger off-grid solar systems, but they are also for appropriate for smaller systems—like mobile applications. When trying to identify an inverter, one important requirement to determine is the types of loads it will be powering.

If you are going to be powering sophisticated electronics, like a fancy new television or gaming console, a pure sine wave inverter is the way to go. Pure sine wave inverters come in all sizes (from 100W on up to over 7000W). They can be stacked to accommodate larger loads in more complex off-grid solar systems—no matter if you have a 12V, 24V, or 48V system. The technology behind pure sine wave inverters is innovating continually, and they are becoming more versatile, lightweight, and coming with more programmable options.

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